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Thursday 7 March 2013

Week 12, Day 3: Running Like You're 6 Years Old

Week 12, Day 3

Goal: 11 miles slow in 8:30s to 9s

Last night’s run was fine, although I noticed that my pacing was all over the place. I kept dipping down to sub-8 min/miles then pulling myself back to the proper pace of 8:30 – 9s. But rather than being disappointed with that. I’m seeing it as a good sign. As a sign that I’m feeling better and finally shifting this cold.

When we did the pacing exercise at bootcamp of running at 8 min/mile I found it difficult to hold that pace because of the cough and the tightness in my chest and it felt as though I was running at least a minute a mile quicker. I didn’t even like to think of running 26.2 at that pace while I was feeling like I was.

I’m training for Paris at the moment, but my whole reason for running is because I enjoy it and I love feeling like I do when I run. Remember how great it felt when you were about 6 years old and running in the park just for the sheer joy of it? That’s how I usually feel when I run. Life is good. The grass is greener, the sky is bluer when I run.  But the last 2 weeks, there hasn’t been much joy. Every mile has been a hard slog and I’ve laced up my trainers and gone out there because I had to.

But finally ... dipping into sub-8 min/miles by accident? That’s good. It means that running is no longer feeling quite so difficult, that I’m reclaiming some of the joy. I’m not quite back to normal, but soon I’ll be running like a 6 year old again.

With joy, that is. Not around the local park with a mad Labrador and a football. Although there’s time for that too.

Distance: 11:14 miles
Time: 1:34:21
Avg: 8:30 min/mile


  1. This (inner 6 year old) is still impressed by your pace lol :) get the joy back!!!

    1. Thanks Paul!! I'm feeling the running love again ... finally! Was so miserable running with a cough and cold!