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Tuesday 13 November 2018

Rockay Socks Review: Recycled Waste in the Oceans

Rockay Socks sent me a pair of socks to review. I said exactly what I thought and I wasn't paid to review them ... trust me, I'm a runner :)

Wearing the socks at A100 ...!

Socks are socks, right? They're pretty crucial to running, but I don't really think about them. I know when I'm wearing a decent pair of running socks when I don't realise I've got them on. 

What caught my interest with the Rockay Socks was that the company are in the process of sourcing fabrics made from collected plastic in our oceans. That means that when I buy my socks from them, not only are they made from a recycled product but from a clean up operation that clears up some of the rubbish that's being dumped in the seas. And turns it into something lovely like new socks! 

That's all well and good though but doesn't that make them a silly price? Surprisingly not. Often I find that for products produced in a more sustainable way, there's an additional cost involved – which is usually passed on to the consumer but these socks were pretty much the price of a regular pair of running socks, around £15 a pair. I quite liked the idea of spending the money I'd usually use on socks to buy ones that were a bit more ethically sourced. I could be smug AND have warm feet. Win-win. 

I was a bit concerned about whether they'd perform as well as my 'normal' run socks … that I'd notice I was wearing them but they were snug and comfy with the new sock fluffy feeling. There's a compression band which stretches around the arch of the foot to provide pressure and support there but I liked this as it kept the sock in place and it didn't shift or bunch.  I'm a simple person, I don't want to feel a sock when I run and I don't want it to move around. This does its job. 

The only fault I could find was that the pair of socks were sent to me in a plastic bag which I wasn't convinced was environmentally friendly like their pledge or required … but I couldn't find a fault with the product. 

If you fancy a pair of decent running socks that won't break the bank AND will give you a nice smug glow about helping the environment, you can buy a pair from here or here

Alternatively, if you're fully stocked in running socks, it IS nearly Christmas so you can always buy a pair for me.

They're also guaranteed for life.

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