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Friday 17 March 2017

Enso Running Skirt: Feeling Like a Lady

Enso offered me this skirt to trial and review. As usually I've said exactly what I thought and took no payment (not even in creme eggs). 

Running through the industrial estate, the sky was overcast, the buildings grey … but I felt like I could have been on a beach. Why? Because I was wearing a running skirt. Just a little change to my usual run shorts, but it made me feel completely different. I felt feminine and pretty … even if I was probably covered in sweat and dust from the road, I felt like a lady.

Enso sent me their running skirt to review. I tried it on several mixed terrain runs and here is my unbiased review.

Mud on my legs from the trails!
  • Compression shorts underneath the skirt – so no worries about chafing or accidentally flashing a passerby!
  • It had a very flattering fit and clung in the right places and was looser in places I'd prefer it didn't cling!
  • I liked the design. It was longer at the back and more importantly had plenty of pockets Including 2 with zips for secure items such as keys and 2 open pockets which could be used for gels or a small music player.
  • I chose the blue skirt and it was a lovely bright colour, very summery! It made me feel like I was heading out to the beach rather than for a run!
  • The shorts fit nicely around the waist and hips but there's a drawstring for additional security around the waist.

  • It's quite short. I like this in a running skirt – I don't want to have lots of material clinging to my legs - but this could be less appealing to people who prefer to be more covered. There are cord ties to adjust the length of the skirt but of course this would make it shorter rather than longer!
  • Sometimes when I'm running particularly at night or in quieter areas, I like to wear more asexual kit, rather than something pretty and feminine. While I know that in theory I should be able to wear whatever I like whenever I like, I'm also aware that as a woman, running on my own I don't want to make myself a target. This doesn't necessarily apply to the Enso skirt in particular but to any running skirt.

The Built In Shorts - it's all one piece of kit

Like it? Available from here

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