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Friday 15 January 2016

6 Reasons I know I'm triathlon training again ...

Well ... I’m back into the first week of tri training. And how do I know? 

A handy check sheet:

  • Unable to descend stairs like a normal person. I have adopted a special stiff legged walk and appear to be unable to do this without making strange noises.
  • New superpower: The ability to sleep at any time and anywhere ... sofa, desk, table, floor .... just give me a flattish surface. And a cape.
  • My trainers are starting to smell like something has died in them due to being drenched with rain, covered in mud and dried out under the radiator. “Has a burglar fallen down the chimney and decomposed? No – that’s just the smell of Mummy’s trainers ...”
  • Padded pants are back in my wardrobe. Stupid turbo trainer ...
  • I am going through all my Christmas smellies at top speed but am STILL unable to remove the smell of chlorine from my skin ...
  • And not least ... Snow is forecast.
They smell a LOT better in the picture ...

I’m starting training from a strange place. I had 2 months off after last season. I was exhausted and couldn’t imagine training again ... and then I ran a 100 mile race. So I had a nice sit down for 2 months.  

And now here I am. With not a lot of fitness but with a strange shuffling ultrarunners gait, a swim style best described as ‘shark attack’ and a bike that is determined to destroy me from the arse upwards. 

Welcome to 2016.


  1. Winter running shoes are impossible to think you're winning when you get em dried but then you're right back to square one again the next day. Aggghh!

    1. Exactly this!! There are permanently a line of stinky trainers underneath the hall radiator at the moment. There's a very distinctive 'hall smell' out there. It's not good ...

  2. Stick a bit of kitchen towel on top of radiator and a place trainers on top of them. You can also get washing machine and tumble dryer brackets/holders for trainers. Finally, you can get those 'trainer freshener' sprays (like at the bowling alley) that really work well and eliminate smelly hall syndrome.

    1. It sounds as though you've experienced the delight of stinky trainers before!! :) A well thought out strategy for getting rid of the stench!!! :)