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Friday 11 December 2015

Running: The Q&As we REALLY want to know

I’ve decided to do a question and answers blog post. I absolutely LOVE this on other people’s blogs. However, instead of asking all the usual stuff I’ve decided to ask all the stuff we REALLY want to know about.

I’d love to read yours! Answer the questions on your own page or blog and post the link in comments so we can all have a good nose!

Most embarrassing injury?
Probably hurting my back during Paris marathon training. This sounds fairly ordinary, except the reason I hurt my back was because I’d tried to do a long run during the floods. I had shrugged off the knee deep water across one lane. Pah – stupid floods ruining my average pace! But I’d come to another lane which was full of incredibly deep water so I’d tried to avoid it by running along the bank ... which was lined with drainage ditches. Full of my Smug-I’m-Doing-A-Long-Run confidence I’d attempted a leap across the drainage ditch, missed completely, landed in the ditch, face down in the mud. And with a jarred back. Yep. I’d incurred a running injury because of my rubbish jumping. 

Or possibly that time I got my arse stung by stinging nettles in a marathon because … nah. That’s another story …

Running total of toenails? Are they all the right colour?
I have 4 pink toenails. The other ones are multicoloured or MIA.

Have you ever had an Al Fresco toilet moment?
All the time. I should have shares in Andrex. Or possibly in Bushes-With-Big-Soft-Leaves.

Dream race?
I’d like to have a crack at the Great Wall marathon. Also Western States. Ooh and also the Red Bull Steeplechase. 

Best tip for beginners?
Run slow. REALLY slow. No – slower than that. The speed will come.

Running secret? ... until now. 
Don’t wear underwear! It’ll chafe!

Biggest mistake I’ve made? 
See above. Wearing underwear. I was fine for 1000s of miles until mile 5 in a 20 mile run when previous underwear turned into sandpaper. The result was … unpleasant. I was also on a straight piece of canal path without anywhere secluded to remove underwear. I ended up hiding under a bridge and having to strip down to remove offending items while keeping an eye out for dog walkers and narrrowboats. 

Best post-race drink?
A SMUG one. With alcohol in.

Have you ever got lost during a race?
Plenty of times. Usually during trail runs. I added 4 miles onto a marathon once.  

If you could have a running slogan or motto what would it be?
Probably “Think of the glory and try not to poo yourself.”

Don't forget to answer the questions on your blog and post the link in comments so we can all have a good nose!


  1. Love the idea. Here's mine.

  2. Love it!! You DEFINITELY win at injuries!!

  3. Really enjoy your blog!. Here are mine

    1. Love these! Properly made me laugh at loud!!

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    1. Thanks Ray! Have you answered the questions? Pop a link here if you like! (sorry for delayed reply ... missed this - sorry!)

  6. Thanks, just found this via the iPaper link.
    Question, run slow, no slower, but jogging just doesn't feel like I'm doing anything. However, those bleedin' shin splints!!...

    1. Splint shints - ouch! Hope those ease quickly! Yes I know what you mean about running really slow - it's frustrating! But the pace means you should be able to hold a conversation - that slow! I read a good email recently that compared the slow runs to building your large diesel engine - the speed sessions later on will add the turbo on top! :)

    2. Just found the link I was on about with the diesel engine reference: here