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Thursday 27 August 2015

Giants Head Marathon: 1 Naked Farmer, 27.5 miles & 1 Enormous Todger

1 giant air mattress. 1 tiny tent bedroom. 1 comfy person (me: on mattress). 1 squashed person (Liz: UNDER mattress).  

2 night time dark toilet trips required. Of course bladder didn’t make this known until was in pyjamas and tucked up warmly in sleeping bag.  2 wellies put on over PJ clad legs and 1 portaloo visited. 

1 dead GPS watch battery at start line = 1 sprint back to tent where other watch was retrieved from boot of the car ...

1 Proposal at start line. Not to any of us. Acceptances: also 1. 

3 happy girls running the hills: Me, Angela, Liz turned into 4 happy girls when we spotted Leila who I’d met at TP100.

1 Naked farmer in 1 tin bathtub ringing 1 bell. Who apparently got stung on his farmer bits (1) by a horse fly (1).

4 watermelons eaten. In slices. Each. Approximate. 

77 photos taken. Yes really. 

3 pints of cider = 1 early night.

2 refills of 2 litre water bladder in running pack. May be related to number of night wees.

1 massive chalk giant on hill. 1 massive club. 0 items of clothing on giant. 

10 hills. All MASSIVE.

1 Love Station ... 12 bottles of champers, multiple glasses of cider and 0 schnapps left by the time us dawdlers at the back got there.

1 race t-shirt with a picture of a naked giant and his massive club on the back. 1 husband asking “You didn’t wear that shirt in public did you?”

Cerne Abbas Giant (source)

1 enormous ice cream with 100s of 100s & 1000s sprinkled on top. And strawberry sauce.

1 hog roast eaten in 3 minutes.

1 barn dance.

27.5 extra value for money miles ... and 1 slightly over distance marathon.

6hrs 32 minutes ... Personal Worst Time = One of the MOST FUN MARATHONS!!

2016 race entry on Christmas list! 


  1. I think if I was ever going to run a marathon it would be this! Honestly it looks fan-bloody-tastic! I hate hills but sod it, I would walk/slowly jog and if there's hog roast, watermelon AND icecream I'm even more sold!!! :)

    1. It was absolutely brilliant! The atmosphere was just fantastic and the marshals were really enthusiastic ... even after we'd cleared their aid stations like a scourge!! Can't recommend it enough!!

  2. I'm taking that last line as an instruction. It is.

    1. You're in? AWESOME!! You can thank me afterwards by buying me cider :)