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Tuesday 18 August 2015

9 Things I DIDN'T do at Stour Valley Marathon ...

  • I DEFINITELY didn’t lose my race instructions within 3 minutes of receiving them. And only picking up the 1st sheet of instructions, not the 2nd. I don’t do things like this ... Lucky that.
  • Did not get to keep my race number 85 as I’d entered the race 2 years on the trot.  Who likes things like that anyway?
  • And I certainly didn’t get a very obvious tan line from my running watch which involved a white band but with tan lines in the strap holes. And a brown circle around each ankle from suntan where my socks didn’t quite meet my calf guards. I’m FAR too good with remembering sun cream for things like that. 
  • Certainly DIDN’T catch up with old friends and make new friends on the way.
  • Definitely didn’t stick to a strategy and finally realise that I don’t have to race every race.  Did not: Walk all the hills. Eat all the food. *Cough*
  • Certainly didn’t receive a MASSIVE medal that I could use to beat Bling-Burglars to death with should they break into my house in the dead of night intent on stealing marathon medals.
  • Did NOT get a massive plate of delicious food after the race that was included in the very reasonable (under £20!) race entry.
  • Certainly didn’t immediately take shoes off after crossing the line, lie on the grass and cheer everyone in from a prone comfortable position next to the finishing line. And didn’t wait until the very end to cheer everyone in. (The people out there on the course the longest are the ones who are NAILS)

  • And most certainly DID NOT go to the pub and dabble feet in the River Stour while drinking cider after all the finishers were in. Probably did not poison the fish in the river with my marathon toesies.

Lucky that ...

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