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Tuesday 27 January 2015

Northbrook Awards Night: There was BLING

I went along to an awards night at my club. It was brilliant. We got fed with curry, got to laugh at lots of pics of club members doing ‘Race Faces’ on the big projector and got to see what everyone looked like out of lycra. Apart from one or two enthusiastic club members who took the theme of ‘N’ rather too seriously ... 

I went as a nacho by the way. I made a hat. I don’t have a pic, sorry. 

But the highlight of my night, apart from the opportunity to wear a hat with cheesy dip on it was this:

Am practising my Gollum "My precioussss" face ...

I was a bit excited as you can tell from the photo. I may not have let go of it yet. They may have to prise it from my hands to give it to the next winner next year. It’s alllll mine. My preciousssss.

I’m expecting a call any minute to say they’ve made a mistake and would like it back to give to the proper person. 

I’ve duct taped it to my body. Just in case. 

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