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Monday 19 January 2015

FREE cats for all! *May be a catch* And no cats.

Free CAT to everyone who votes for Dreaming of Footpaths in the Running Awards 2015! 
I'm not going to win by my shoddy tales of running into trees and having to poo in hedges so I'll bribe you with felines instead. (I'm sneaky like that, plus I'm planning on being an old mad cat lady so I'll have lots of cats spare when I'm 80 - just remind me I owe you a cat in 50 years)

 Click HERE to Vote

Please click HERE to vote for me (don't vote for the other blogs, THEY won't save you a sausage roll)

I'm in  'Publications & Online', 
'Dreaming of Footpaths'.

p.s. Will actually NOT give you a cat. I can't get the stamps to stay on and they keep getting out of the envelopes.

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