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Tuesday 9 September 2014

Goodbye Summer ... I'll miss you

I’m always sad when summer is over. I love long days in the sunshine, evenings sitting outside and being able to waste long hours in daylight. I don’t want to have to wear thick jumpers, retreat back into the house in the evenings.

I’m enjoying Summer so much I don’t want it to end but it is. There is already a nip in the air, a taste of frost. My sandals are back in the cupboard and my boots are out, standing sentry. Guardians.

But I forget. I forget how nice Autumn is. Bright berries on the trees, stamping on the crunchy leaves, feeding the ducks, bags of bread in our hands, swaddled with coats and scarves. It’s the season of ripe fruit, apple crumbles and blackberries picked.

I have a rhubarb and blackberry crumble at home that I’ve made. The rhubarb from the garden – weedy, small, but grown by us! – and blackberries picked from the hedges by my family. We all helped to make the crumble and tonight we’ll eat it, hot, with ice cream.

I’ll miss you summer. But you’ll be back.

And in the meantime there is a rhubarb crumble to eat.


  1. I'm dreading doing some long runs in the dark during winter already :-(. THis will be the first time I've done marathon training over winter. I'm trying to embrace it though and look forward to all those lovely mugs of hot chocolate and curling up on the sofa with the duvet after the run is complete. Ooh and chunky soup. With big hunks of bread. Mmmmm.

    1. I always find Spring marathons easier than Autumn ones ... might be because the training has been tougher over the cold winter. You're right though - there are lots of benefits! Yum! You've made me hungry for chunky soup and hot choc now!! :)