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Monday 29 September 2014

24hr Running Events Kit List: What To Take

This was my Thunder Run kit list. I use a version of this for all of my 24hr events and I tend to add something each time. In a few years time if I keep adding things, I will need a pickup truck to carry all this stuff in. Or will have invested in a camper van. With a loo. And proper beds. Will be all posh and may even consider showering at 24 hour events.

Nah ...

Rock tape
For rocking those injuries

For getting plastered

Ice pack, heat pack ...
For indecisive injuries

DDMT cap
For sun avoidance

Sun cream factors 20 and 50
For stripy sunburn

Gazebo, tent, sleeping bag, pillow
For all my snoozing needs. Run Slave Lozza might be allowed in tent if she promises not to 
fart and does good supporting.

Headtorches x 2 + spare batteries.
For tree avoidance at night time.

Socks, vests, teeshirts, capris, leggings, bras, running jacket for walking night laps
Only 2 sets of kit were used. Yep. Am stinky runner. AND didn't have shower as they didn't 
even open these until after event started!

Hoodies for night laps
Used for snoozing in, then running in for 2km before it got flung over the hedge.

Buffs, gloves,
Not even considered. Too warm.

Compression gear
Used one pair of calf sleeves.

Heel pads
Purchased randomly from Poundland. Not used.

Waterproof white jacket
Not used. Rain was most appreciated when it drizzled briefly.

Trainers; Salomons, Hoka, Asics
Salomons run in for 1st to 4th lap. Couldn’t get them on after this despite running in them for entire TT50 and most of TR24 last year. Heat did BAD things to my feet. Road shoes used for probably 40 miles, Hola for entire Sunday when nothing else would fit on my feet. Previously not rated them. Now favourite shoes ever. Bouncy.

Phone charger 
Used overnight and night before. No signal on campsite. Used for sending occasional tweets and messages which consisted of words like “minced” “blistered” “chafed”.

Comfy shoes
Wished for on last lap. Not used. Was going to try and wear them for last lap. Sitting down 

Not used. TMI?

Towel, Shower gel, mouthwash, deodorant
Mouthwash and deodorant used before race and at night but was possibly like putting 
perfume on a turd at this point.

It's like a magic Runner Vitamin.

Foam roller
Looked at it. Thought I should use it. Didn’t use it.

Bought potato thing in middle of the night. Remember name as ‘fartaffle’. Pretty sure this
wasn’t actual name.

Food & Snacks & drinks
Ultra snacks. Snacked like a champ.

High 5 zero, gels
Gels not used. Electrolytes added to water each lap.

Stove, pans, lighter, aerosols
Broke stove immediately upon arrival at campsite.

Antibacterial handspray
Lost on arrival at campsite. Didn’t use. Normal germs couldn’t compete with rank ultrarunner

Tri belt
Totally worth it. Attached number. Didn’t lose it.

Hole punch
Used for punching holes in race number.

Insect spray
Used. Don’t get it in your mouth. Causes Bug Spray Death paranoia.

Unused due to Runner Superstition. (This is Actual Thing)

Cushioned plasters
Like Gift of Gods. £1 from Tesco. Bargain.

Cool box
Good but packed too full. Couldn’t find anything and forgot to eat chocolate coffee beans.

Antacid tablets
Not needed. Will still take next time.

Cold sweet baked potatoes
Good neutral food.

Race bands – good luck don’t be shit
Must have worked. Didn’t die. Wasn’t shit.

I didn’t even have a SHOWER. Not needed. Clarify: Shower needed, moisturiser not.

Water bottle
Used ultra vest instead.

Bin bag
For rubbish. Run Slave sorted this out.

Carrier bags
For random stuff. Always useful.

Bowls and plates and cutlery
Used spoon and bowl for soup. Everything else caveman style.

Air bed and pump
Totally worth it if you want a comfy night before run. Also good for keeping Run Slave happy.

Totally not worth it. Looked like hell within 1 mile. Also see note above: turd, polish.

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