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Thursday 22 May 2014

The Runner-Truffle-Shuffle

I came in from a 4 mile run. I’d sprinted the last bit because a car kept stopping behind me and creeping along. He probably had engine problems. But I was scared he had unfulfilled-murderer problems and he’d chosen Girl-Runner-In-Neon-Socks to be his victim. So I sped up.

I got into the house and peeled off my icky run clothes. Wait. What was that noise? Slip Slap.

Yep. The combination of sweat and skin on my tummy had given me what I like to call ‘The Runner-Truffle-Shufffle’. Or possibly ‘The Ruffle’ for short.

Quite possibly the most awesome noise ever. Slip slap. Slip slap.

However it grossed the husband out and I got ordered into the shower. But now I have a new game for after I run. Slip slap.


  1. You and your flippin games lol :)

    1. It certainly makes running even more interesting! :)

  2. I was playing a similar game last name I called it the Slucky Pull - potential rock band name me thinks. Sluck was the sound my tops made as I removed them soaking wet from my body - disgustingly fun and terrified the dog

    1. Ha ha!! Brilliant!! Loving the name - it definitely conjures up an image of a soggy top coming off!