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Tuesday 25 March 2014

Running makes me a better person ...

Running is lots of small victories. It’s fighting the little things, the inconveniences, the blisters, the weather and the tough speed session. It’s pushing myself and my boundaries. Showing that I am stronger than I ever thought I could be.

It’s only about proving it to me. A battle to race myself, to go further, faster. But it comes across in little ways. I hold my head higher and am more sure of myself. I know that I am worth something, that I can achieve things. Even if they are the small things, they give me more faith in myself. A sense of strength. A sense of worth.

Plus a freaking AWESOME medal collection and enough race t-shirts to swaddle a baby elephant.

I am an ordinary person who can do extraordinary things. I have run a marathon. 26 miles. And I ran the whole way! I am SO proud of that.

I have gone out in the rain and run 6 hard miles when the wind is blowing so hard it’s bringing tears to my eyes and my ponytail is whipping around. The rain has been hitting my face in cold lines. But I’ve run. I’ve completed my run and returned triumphant. It’s me Vs me. I’m not sure which one won. But I’m a stronger person for the battle.

When I run, the world dances, the sky is bluer.

Everyone is special. But runners are a little more so. 


  1. Absolutely love this post. You are AWESOME! :D

  2. This post has stolen my heart :-)

  3. Lovely post!! Made me smile...feelings mutual ��

  4. Now there is inspiration if ever I saw it :)