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My Running Story

I used to be fat. Salad was something you bought in a bag, left in the fridge until it was brown and mushy, then you threw it away. And exercise was something I’d heard about, but wasn’t really that keen about trying.

My moment of epiphany was after some photos where I realised I was most definitely ‘The Fat Friend’. Not my proudest moment. It shocked me into doing something about it ... then the problem of maintaining my new weight kicked in.

I started running simply as the most efficient way of burning calories … and then my competitive nature kicked in. As I ran more, I got better. I’ll never be the fastest or the speediest, but I’m bloody-minded. Tell me I can’t do something and I will practise until I can …


Beer Mile: 6:15
2 miles: 12:49
5k: 19:27
parkrun: 20:14
5 miles: 33:58
Half marathon:  1:33:30 
Marathon: 3:23:17                  
50 miles: 8:58:58
100 miles: 23hrs 31

Sprint: 1:10:02
Olympic: 2:34:08 
Middle:  5:08:46  

I am also incredibly proud to be an ASICS FrontRunner for the UK as part of a team of around 60 other runners. It's brilliant fun and it's amazing to spend time with so many inspiring people and hear about their adventures and challenges. You can take a peek at what we're up to here.


  1. I've started training for the Brighton half marathon, your story and personal best times are inspirational

    1. What a lovely comment - thank you! I was training for my first half marathon 4 years ago ... sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I'd changed my mind and decided to do something instead of running ... I'm glad I didn't! Best of luck for Brighton!!

  2. Congratulations on your hard work and achievements! Inspirational story. All the best for the future :)

    1. Thank you! It's been a crazy journey ... but a lot of fun! Not expecting to stop any of the craziness any time soon either! :)

    2. Awww I've just read your story and think you are amazing. My first ever race was with you and you changed my mind about running, as if I hadn't of ran with you that day I probably would of gave up. So thank you for being such an inspiration. ��

    3. You have made my YEAR with this comment. Thank you so so much. xx

  3. Hey, just stumbled upon your blog. It's a great read and very inspiring. Keep up the good work.