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Tuesday 10 January 2023

Intermittent Fasting & Where's The Haribo?

Sometimes I think I'm possibly the only person to put on weight during ironman training. That does take a lot of dedication, right. To snacks. A huge volume of training … and clearly an even larger volume of food.

I'd be quite proud of my snacking skills if I hadn't clearly been wearing my fondness on my arse, my tummy and probably my chubby, chubby cheeks. And completely unable to get into any of the lovely clothes I'd bought last summer without looking like an pair of tights stuffed with sausage meat. Not my finest look. 

I therefore decided it was time to take action. Not just training as clearly in my tiny head more training = more food. I decided on intermittent fasting with a group support via WhatsApp. I'd always thought that fasting sounded horrific. I am NOT my best self when I'm hungry as anyone who knows me will attest. The best thing tends to be to throw chocolate at me until the snarling subsides and it's safe to come within arms reach again. However this format was eating within an 8hr window every day so there would be a sensible structure to it and outside this 'window' the cupboard doors would be metaphorically shut which hopefully should stop my grabby food hands.

We shall see. It's also given me an added resolve to eat a bit better too as it's far too easy as a shift worker to grab whatever is handy when there's a break in the day and what's handy tends to be fast food, something from a petrol station or the Haribo that someone has left in the job car door. Not good.

It's going ok so far and there has been no sugar, no alcohol and no joy. But also no deaths of anyone getting too close. I'm not feeling like I'm starving and I am definitely eating a better quality of food.

However it has only been 10 days.

Wish me luck. And whatever you do … don't come near me holding Haribo.


  1. Before Christmas and flu I did 10 hour window and found it stopped me snacking- with all your training 8 might be a bit restrictive?

    1. It's going to be interesting. I've been ok so far but I'm only doing very light training so far although my first sessions have been fasted and that's been interesting. I was a bit worried about nutrition after late sessions (I had track last night after the window closed) but didn't find I was overly hungry afterwards or this morning but it'll definitely be something I'll have to consider as the training ramps up.