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Monday 5 September 2022

Tales & Trails: Talking, Running & EXCELLENT Cider

I was quite convinced that no-one would come. I’m no pro-athlete. In fact if someone can be relied upon for something to go wrong, it’s usually me. Nice docile sheep? It’ll be chasing me. Passing a nice bushy bush with big leaves? Tummy will suddenly have an ‘episode’. Water? Fall in it? Bike? Fall off it. Run? Fall over.

That’s pretty much my life. And my training. 

Luckily Paul the owner of `Big Bear Events’ decided that this was pretty much WHY people would want to come and hear me chat to him. That and the fact that there would be a beautiful trail run around the surrounding area and the MASSIVE PLUS that the talk would be held at a brewery. 

And you know what? It went ok. There was a little bit of heckling. From friends - phew! So to be expected. And no-one walked out. Apart from Ali who needed a wee, so that practically doesn’t count. And NO-ONE boo-ed. At all.


And the cider was most excellent. 

Photo by Paul 

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