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Wednesday 9 December 2020

Missing Sessions: Crippling Guilt & Looking At The Bigger Picture

Missing sessions occasionally is inevitable. Unless you’re a pro athlete and it’s your main focus, then work and family and life will get in the way every now and then and you’ll miss a session or two. Don’t sweat it. It happens to all of us and it’s extremely unlikely that your race or coaching plan will fall apart over the loss of one or two sessions. However if you’re regularly missing sessions, then ask yourself why. Is the plan too intense? Do you need to drop a session or two a week? Maybe it is better to restructure and balance the plan again than miss out key sessions every week.

Questions to ask yourself

How valuable is the session?
If it’s a key session of the week, then can you replace another workout? If it’s a recovery set or an easy hour, then it’s not likely to cause too many problems.

How regular is it?
Is missing sessions a regular thing? Look at your plan. It isn’t fitting your life. See whether you can cut one or two sessions out a week and still keep the plan balanced and the key workouts in. If you’re stressed about missing sessions or missing out important parts of the plan then it’s not ideal. It’s additional worry. Balance the plan and make sure it fits around your life rather than trying to fit your life around the training. 

If you’re not regularly missing workouts and you're balancing key sessions, then don’t sweat it. Everyone misses a set every now and then, but if you find it becoming a habit or if you’re missing more than 20% of sessions, then take a step back to reassess. Having less sessions planned in can work better. It can be less stressful than trying to balance an unachievable amount of training and means you can focus on the remaining sessions without worrying about time and quantity.

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