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Friday 27 December 2019

Some good news and some pant-wetting terrifying news ...

So some good news and some pant-wetting terrifying news. Same news.

I’ve qualified to represent GB in triathlon in middle distance for 2020.

Not really the start to the year I’d hoped, having tripped over a brick and sprained my ankle so hopping like a hoppy thing at the moment. A kangaroo but a bit more pathetic. Wallaby? Anyway. I’m going to be doing some awesome racing in Austria. Good news is that it’s the same course where I raced before a couple of years ago so I know the route. Bad news I had a really shit race last time. 

But open the plus side so long as I don’t forget to drink, don’t run over my drinks bottle and try not to look like I’m channeling some kind of zombie this year then it has to go better than last time, right? RIGHT? 

And just to cheer you up here’s my photo from the race last time.

Yeah. It really WAS that bad.

If you want to laugh at my misfortune in 2016 full story is here

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