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Thursday 16 August 2018

Trionz Magnetic Band: Totally Snake Oil ... but I'm not taking it off.

I got an email from Trionz asking if I wanted to try one of their magnetic bands. I'd get the band for free and would write a blog. I don't get paid for this sort of thing but would get to keep the wristband.

I wasn't sure. So I would wear a rubber band with a magnet in it which would do magical things to my blood? Sounded a bit far fetched. I decided not to decide immediately, had a read up on it and decided that it was probably snake oil … in other words, that it was something that couldn't possibly work and if it did it was only because the person using it, believed that it did. But hey, what's the worst that could happen, right?

I asked for one of the bands and agreed to write a blog but told Trionz that I would (as usual) write it honestly. If the band did nothing – as expected – I'd say that. Easy peasy. 

The band arrived. I'd chosen one of the cheaper ones: a red and black wristband which was made of stretchy rubber and which had some magnets in the larger part at the front which rested against my wrist. It looked very much like a festival band or a charity band – one of the rubber ones that delight children and which you get for donating £2 to a chosen charity. 

I put it on. I didn't magically become an Olympian or a mermaid OR an amazing cyclist. Meh. Nothing lost. I kept the band on and noticed a few other people wearing them too. It was a bit like noticing someone driving the same car as you – you have your own and you notice others. A few athlete friends were wearing them, a paramedic, someone else at tri club ...

Then I realised that I'd been sleeping better than I had for a month. Nothing to do with the band I'm sure. 

Then I had my favourite run for months. And a decent swim. Still nothing to do with the band. I'm almost positive about it. 

It hasn't been the only change I've made to my diet and training this year. I've sorted my nutrition out. I've been training properly after a year off. I'm getting more settled at work.

But the training has been coming on. And on. And on.

And now I'm scared to take the band off. It might be nothing. But then again it might be something. 

And in the meantime, I'll keep my magnetic band on.

Ride London 100, Rugby Challenge, Les Stables ... still scared to take it off ...

If you want to have a look at them they're here:

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