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Monday 18 September 2017

IAAF World Championships: Amazing Athletes, Popcorn & Remote Controlled Javelins

So I went along to the IAAF World Championships 2017 in London! Not competing – I WISH!

Had lots of fun and ALLLLL the popcorn.

Had a BRILLIANT TIME! Corey and Becca got a hug from Hero the Hedgehog ( I have NEVER seen 2 grown women so starstruck), Pete got his Smurf on, we all saw the 400m medal ceremony, the 800m heats and the 200m and triple jump finals! 

 Pete smurfing it up.

 Check out this amazing view! 

We MAY have been slightly excited to be watching the IAAF...

I was surrounded by all these amazing athletes but I was mesmerised by the javelin car. An actual Thing. Basically, the athletes throw their javelins and someone straps it to the back of a remote controlled car and whisks it back to the start line. 

Javelin car ... mesmerising!

Javelin car! Who controls it and how did they get this job?? #NewJobGoals

The triple jump finals!! I couldn't believe the speed they were running OR the distance they were jumping ... Inspiring stuff. 

I came away from my evening determined to run more, to do more and to try more. I may never get to the standards of these athletes but I can be the best me!

*Puts down the beer and picks up her trainers*

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