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Monday 14 August 2017

London Marathon: I'm SO sorry random man. It was the SUGAR.

I always get extremely excited before the London Marathon. I don't know why, I've done plenty of marathons but there's something unique about the London Marathon. Maybe it's the size, or the landmarks or maybe that I know I'll see familiar faces among the 30 odd thousand people running. I'm not sure. But I feel very lucky to be able to run it.

And as a result I always get horribly overexcited even WHILE I'm running it. Most people get to mile 19 or 20 and start shutting up. Me? I'm AWFUL to run with. I get MORE excited the closer we get to the end.

Excited? Moi?

And this year was no different. Here's a quick video I took at about mile 19. The girl I'm running with is my friend Ann. The man? No idea. He was running nearby so I decided to get an impromptu video. 

Random Man, if you should ever read this I'm SO sorry. I'm sure the last thing you wanted ¾ of the way through the marathon was some insane woman asking you questions and being all hyperactive. Blame all the sugary gels.

Ann and I ran together until 20 miles at 8 min/miles as agreed and then I think the enthusiasm got too much for her and I buggered off to finish the last 6 miles on my own. It's ok. She forgave me. And probably had a lovely peaceful last 6 miles without the inane chatter. And the videoing. And the ridiculous selfies.

Luckily she didn't have enough energy at 20 miles to smack me in the chops. 

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