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Sunday 30 July 2017

ASICS Manchester Marathon Relay: Pints & Ponies

So … did I tell you I ran the relay for Manchester Marathon?

Had the BEST day!

Watched some of the elite runners at about mile 10 but didn't realise they were elite. There were a few runners passing us and we were a bit “Gosh … they don't look very comfortable and it's only mile 10 … maybe they're relay runners” … then Steve Way sped past and we realised why it looked quite tough … they were all running about 5 minute miles!! So … in case you were wondering, I'm probably NOT the person to be asking advice from on elite running …
That gorgeous ASICS lot

I was running the relay with Corey which meant I'd be running the second half of the marathon and waiting at the crossover point. We had been put on the spot at registration when we had been asked for a team name. There didn't appear to be anything around to give us inspiration so after staring at the ground, the registration lady (who incidentally was my friend from run club Tracey from COVENTRY!) and the sky we decided on a combination of our names and went with Team Scary.

Team Scary ... photobombed very nicely by Marcus

I had lots of fun waiting and watching the marathon runners come past. I'd like to say I did AWESOME cheering … but I only did that for about 30 minutes then lost my voice from all the enthusiasm. The people standing near me looked pretty pleased about it though.

Spotted Corey in her sunshine yellow top hobbling into crossover – turned out she'd had a fall (actually a PILE UP!) and she'd still smashed her time. We had a quick handover and I sprinted out of the crossover before fairly quickly realising that I couldn't keep up my 5k pace for 15 miles ... It LOOKED impressive. Briefly. Before all the coughing and hacking and wanting to lie down on my face in the road ...

I had a nice time for the first couple of miles chatting and being all enthusiastic about being in a marathon but only having to run half of it before I heard my name and realised my friend Pilla was on the pavement cheering on the runners. Her husband Neil was running today so I stopped for a massive hug and a chat about soup. Don't tell me I'm not focused when I run …

However as I was chatting all things food, I heard my name being called … and there was my amazing fell-running, crazy-ultra-lady friend Claire running past! Gave Pilla one last hug and sprinted after Claire like a lunatic – well a BIT like a lunatic – and caught her up for chatter.

Claire is AMAZING. She has done more marathons than she has run parkruns and every time I see her Facebook feed it's full of insane photos of her running up mountains or doing something equally insane. We always have an absolute blast when we see each other and this run was no exception.

Marathons are AWFUL aren't they?

We decided to take a selfie at each mile sign …

Argh! A camera!
But then I got distracted by ponies …

Awww ... check out how teeny and not-bitey he is!

And then Claire decided she wanted to smash her marathon PB.

So she did. So we had a pint.

Same again next year, Claire? You arrange the ponies and I'll bring the camera.

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