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Wednesday 28 December 2016

A Hipster WITHOUT a Beard: ‘The Hipster Belt’ from Nathan

‘The Hipster Belt’ from Nathan

I’m a fan of the good old bumbag as I have several running mandatory pieces of kit (loo roll, key, phone - for calling for a taxi home, checking Strava and sweaty selfies) but I’ve never really fancied a slimline fabric running belt. I simply couldn’t see how all my detritus could fit comfortably into something that lies flat against my body and wasn’t adjustable.

However, I did like this piece of kit. Despite having my phone tucked into it (a not-that-light iPhone 6s), a key, loo roll and gloves it didn’t move around or fall down and best of all there was no bounce which really is the most irritating thing a running belt can do … and which you don’t know whether you’re going to get until after you’ve bought it and tried it on a run.

It comes in different sizes from XS to L (26 inches through to 38 inches) and there’s a lot of stretch to the fabric and will fit up to an iPhone 7+. You could wear this on your hips or around your waist depending on preference. The brand name is highly reflective sections but that’s the only section that is so it wouldn’t take the place of a hi viz vest. 

My favourite bit of the belt though was the multiple pockets and the volume you could fit in these. I take 8 gels for a marathon and this could easily fit all of these plus my phone. 8 sticky empty gel packets is also a lot to carry around a course so it’s nice I could stash these in a separate pocket to my full gels. There are pockets all the way round the belt and which stretch and are expandable as the belt fabric stretches well. There aren’t pocket fastenings - the material overlaps to keep your possessions secure. I did think that it may benefit from a loop or a clip to clip in a key so it was extra secure, although saying that I haven’t lost anything from any of the pockets … suspect that's my fear of being locked OUT of the house when my snacks are INSIDE.

A potential problem I could see was that the Hipster belt is handwash only. It’s been brilliant through winter but not sure how well I’m going to get on in the Summer when it’s hot and I’m sweating all over it. I don’t think this will affect it’s performance but I may well start to be known as ‘That Stinky Runner With The Pink Belt’. That being said, I HAVE put it through the washing machine a couple of times and it’s been absolutely fine (and hasn’t dyed anything else pink either) but obviously I wouldn’t recommend you do this. It isn't the most flattering piece of kit, but then again neither is my bumbag and quite frankly should I ever wish to go on the pull I probably wouldn't be wearing lycra anyway. 

The Hipster belt also has an unconditional guarantee. (But if you think you might have to use this I’d advise following the washing instructions!) A bonus for me was that the belt is bright pink (although also available in black, grey, mint and navy) and you know how I like my kit in subtle and tasteful colours. *cough*

It even works with an elf outfit ...
I liked it!

Price: £25

I was sent the Hipster Belt to review and as usual said exactly what I thought! :) 


  1. Wow! that Hipster Belt is perfect for running marathons. Especially since it doesn't bounce around while you run and it fits your phone as well. I'm going to need to get this for the Miami Marathon I'm running on January 29. Do you think it will get to me in time for the marathon?

    1. Hi CamiMaria, I really like mine - it's been REALLY useful. Best of luck for the Miami Marathon! I've just had a quick look at the US Nathan Sports website and it looks like there are quite a few stockists in the Miami area. Would be worth giving them a call - they might be able to put it on a speedy delivery to get to you in time! Fingers crossed!

  2. Love you witty posts. I haven't tried the Hipster but great review. I use a SPIbelt. It fits a lot of stuff and stays in place.

    1. Thanks Denise! :) Just had a look at the SPIbelt - they look good too. It's always good when you find one that suits - especially when you can pack a lot in it! :)