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Wednesday 8 June 2016

JimmyCASE Review: Why is a Runner Reviewing an iPhone Case?

I was a bit dubious about reviewing a phone case on my running blog until my husband reminded me that the reason I usually damage my phone is by dropping it out of my sweaty little hands trying to take a photo of a goose on a long run or by dropping it over a fence trying to take a better photo of a goat (again on a long run) or by throwing it into my running vest where it bounces around with my keys and change for any time up to 24 hours. 

Fair point.

I’m a bit precious over my phone. It keeps my twitter buddies safe, it takes my instagram photos and it’s where I usually answer my emails. It’s also my Google keeper when I need to find out crucial pieces of information such as ‘How many toenails is too few’ or ‘Does wee damage wetsuits’.

God forbid I actually use it to take a call.

Photo shamelessly stolen from The JimmyCASE website here
And as such I keep it in an armoured case. My phone – and the case by default – has to take a LOT of abuse. It also has to be grippy when my hands are sweaty, covered in mud and it can’t obscure the camera in case I get the opportunity mid-run of a llama selfie. (This has actually happened by the way)

So The JimmyCASE asked me to review their case. As usual, I didn’t get paid but I got a case to test and I chose the colours of the case. I decided to go retro with the colours and chose burgundy with a gold stripe as it reminded me of my old school tie. I resisted the urge to cover it in wrapping paper and write 90s graffiti on it such as ‘’Be My Wonderwall’ or ‘Disco 2000’ in sparkly ink.

I’ve had it 6 weeks. It’s replaced my usual ‘heavy duty’ phone case. I’ve got my bank card permanently tucked into it along with an emergency tenner and my McDonalds coffee voucher. I think the real test of a product is whether I’m still using it 6 weeks later. I am. 

Why do I like it?
  • Above all it’s just very handy. I don’t need to carry a wallet AND a phone – this case combines them both which has been brilliant for races. I even used it at the London marathon when I needed a wireless payment card for the tube but didn’t want to carry an Oyster card, a bank card and a phone all separately. 
  • Being made from mahogany and with the bright colour panel on the back, the case looks good and attracts lots of compliments. As a purchaser, I put functionality far above looks in terms of phone cases. Yes, it’s nice if it looks good but it has to protect the phone before everything else. This case appears to manage both. The wood also smells lovely. Even after being carried in a bag with a wetsuit, being run with multiple times and being held in sweaty hands!
  • The phone has been well protected in this case and I have dropped it by accident LOTS of times. As well as being padded by the wood and cards in the back, the case has thick corners and edges which gives the phone extra protection. There’s an occasional dent on the wood but you have to scrutinise it to see them and  there’s no damage to the phone. 
  • The case holds the phone securely and it’s a tight fit. I don’t have to worry about the phone dropping out of or moving around in the case. 
  • It’s not a bulky case, in terms of size it’s fairly slimline which is good if you’re carrying it in a pocket or a running belt.
  • The elastic hasn’t lost elasticity and still holds the cards as tight. It’s also held a pair of earrings securely when I forgot about them at swimming.
  • It retails at $39 with free worldwide shipping which is on the pricey side for a phone case but each case is handmade  with a real mahogany core.

What could be improved?
  • The elastic has bobbled slightly and the colours aren’t as bright after 6 weeks of use. However, it’s had a lot of abuse. I have got it wet several times and it’s been dropped and put down on grass, pebbles and dirt plenty of times while out on a run and while trying to capture the perfect photo. 
  • There’s a gap at the bottom of the elastic so it can stretch to hold the cards so this isn’t very secure for cash. I do however fold my emergency tenner and slide it between the cards although I’ve caught it trying to escape a couple of times.
  • You will still need a screen protector for you phone although the case edges are slightly raised so the screen won’t be damaged if you lay it face down on a flattish surface. 
  • Because putting cards in the elastic raises a bump in the back of the phone, it doesn’t sit very easily in my car phone holder which holds the phone by the edges in a shallow dish.
  • It’s currently only available for iPhones.


I’m really precious about my mobile phone and this case has survived 2 triathlons, 2 marathons and multiple long runs and bike rides. It’s been thrown into swimming bags, in with wetsuits and in my usual handbag with keys, safety pins, coins and other assorted detritus. It’s also been accidentally dropped from my sweaty little hands at a variety of heights onto grass, tiles, pavements, pebbles, feet and it’s been damp from lake water, spilled drinks and rain. And it still looks good and has protected the phone. 

My armoured case has stayed in the drawer and my wallet has been consigned to my handbag.

As a runner and triathlete, I wouldn’t have thought about buying this case .... but for how useful it has been for races and travel I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another.

It’s just SO handy.

Find out more info here 

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