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Wednesday 22 July 2015

Why Barry Shouldn't Chase Running People

Today was hill repeat day. I don’t mind hill repeats. I don’t LIKE them as such but I don’t mind them. I know they’re going to hurt but it’s only for a short time. Also I can see the top of the hill. I know where the rep ends. I HATE not knowing where the end of the rep is.

Thanks Chris! Source
I paused at the bottom of the hill, pressed start on the watch and started my sprint to the top. A small grey terrier, thoroughly overexcited by all of the running, bounded alongside me barking excitedly. He wasn’t getting under my feet and he wasn’t being threatening, just another short runner enjoying the hill. My kind of dog. Enthusiastic, liked running, liked hills. If he picked up his own poo he’d have been perfect. 

I reached the top of the hill and turned to start my recovery jog back down to the bottom. A loud voice carried across the park.

The little grey dog skidded to a halt. I carried on running.
“STOP!!!! NO YOU!”
Me? I looked over to where an elderly lady was marching over to me.
She looked at me sternly. “Yes YOU!”
“Barry! HERE!” Huh? 
The dog sheepishly shuffled over. 
The old lady looked at the dog then looked at me. Her eyebrows bristled at me. She looked cross.
She pointed at the dog, then pointed at me. 
“NO!” She shook her finger at me crossly. I backed up a step.
“NO! Barry! We do NOT chase people.” Emphasised with a finger point! “Even running people.” 

I resisted the urge to cower like Barry and shut down my automatic apology for being “running people” and leading Barry into bad ways.

She looked at me crossly and with one loud last “NO!” at Barry and a finger shake at me she turned around and went back to her bench.  Barry trailing at her ankles apologetically. 

I ran away. Barry didn’t follow.

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