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Thursday 12 March 2015

Runner's Shame. I'm SO sorry ...

Unluckily I got the dreaded tummy rumble and developed the thousand-yard-stare and stagger of the desperate-for-the-loo-runner while halfway through a speed session.
Luckily there were only two of us running the speed session …

Unluckily there were no toilets around.
Luckily we were running alongside a dark park …

Unluckily I just couldn’t wait.
Luckily it was night time …

Luckily no-one came past.
Unluckily no-one came past to offer me the use of their nice indoors toilet …

Luckily there was a drainage ditch and some heaped leaves.
Unluckily I had to climb into a drainage ditch …

Luckily the leaves were soft.
Unluckily I got sticks and leaves in my running tights and I had to complete a speed session with a leafy undercarriage …

Luckily my running buddy promised to keep the secret and not tell anyone else about the Al Fresco poo.
Unluckily despite my running buddy’s trustworthiness I have a tendency to over-share and it’s now on the blog …

p.s. DON’T let your kids jump in the crunchy leaves in Coventry.


  1. This made me laugh out loud (as always with your posts!)
    Then I saw that you had tagged it with 'Poo face' and I was a little concerned...then laughed some more!!! :D
    The number one rule of a runner is to always plan loos into your route and for emergencies, take some loo roll, not leaves! :P

    1. Ha ha! Whoops!! Good point! I had about a 4 week time span where I had to use the same 4 mile loop that circled my house and the pub because every time I ran I had to go ... it was horrendous! I'll have to recce the pubs before I plan a route next time!! :)