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Tuesday 28 October 2014

13 Reasons to Recommend Saltmarsh 75

  • It’s flat. You don’t have to worry about hill training. Although there are some speed bumps. Only enter this if you're confident about being able to climb these.
  • Marshals are brilliant, enthusiastic and helpful. And will keep as close eye on your kit.
  • You can’t get lost so long as you keep the sea on your right. Unless you walk the wrong way out of the checkpoint and back the way you’ve come. No-one would do that. Cough.
  • Day two had some beautiful scenery. And some more sea wall.

If you see this view, you're going the wrong way ...
  • You get to laugh at your friend’s inability to climb over stiles without making creaking and groaning noises. This was still amusing after the 50th time.
  • It’s 77 miles along a seawall. Excellent for mental strength as it’s the outdoor equivalent of a treadmill.
  • It’s dead flat so you’re using the same muscles over and over. Think how strong those muscles will be. Like Popeye but without the spinach.
  • Free parking all weekend and kit transported to halfway point, checkpoints and finish.
  • The trail is just wide enough for one foot and cambered to the left. But this is good if you’re shaped like a hermit crab and want one massively muscled side.
  • I took photos. They’re ALL the same. You can save on film.

Hurry up Sarah or I'll eat your snacks ...

  • Excellent for boredom threshold training. The sea wall winds (in straight lines) in and out of the marsh and mud areas so you can see places in the distance - an occasional bush or pole sticking out of the sea - but don’t get there for an hour. I never knew how exciting passing a bush could be.
  • You get to camp at a pub halfway. Pub is awesome. 5am cockerel is not. Take earplugs. Drink cider.
  • You get to appreciate the little things. I never knew how amazing a lukewarm shower, a tub of Vaseline or a plate of chips and beans could be. Pretty damn amazing.


  1. mmmm will have to give this some thought lol

    1. What? You don't want a hermit-crab style physique?? Shame on you, Paul!