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Wednesday 27 November 2013

Head Banging & Hill Running

Had a head/wall moment this week.

Went to the gym and forgot my KIT. I remembered my gym bag, it just didn’t contain any kit. This was sitting on the end of my bed 30 miles away waiting for me to pick it up and put into my gym bag .


So went for a walk instead. This was fine and got me out into the fresh air which is apparently good and healthy. And cold. However it didn’t have the same element of fun as the gym. So upon finding an AWESOME hill I decided it needed running down.

So I did.


Office blouse plastered against me, handbag flying out behind and knee high boots firmly on feet, I FLEW down the hill.

BIG grin.


  1. Love it! That's what hills are there for! But erm... how do you pick up your kit bag and load it in the car without realising it's empty?!?! :-P

    1. Because it's completely choc full of running rubbish! Lip balm, tampax, old headtorches (3 of them!!), extra safety pins and loads of race literature. Think this is my wake-up call to give it a good tidy out! :)

  2. LOL this is just so you!! on both counts :)

    1. I know ... sigh. One day I will be organised and will stop running down hills. Um ... no I won't!!! :)