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Wednesday 15 May 2013

Ha ha!! Take THAT Speed Session (Victory Dance)

After several attempts at this session, I‘ve finally beaten it! (Does victory dance and waves arms around nearly knocking over Victory cup of tea)

I don't know why this session was so daunting to me. These paces are ones that I've run without trouble in the past (well ... maybe a BIT of trouble and a LOT of panting) but I hadn’t run this sort of session for so long that I got worried. What if my legs have forgotten how to run under a 7 minute mile? What if I’m forever stuck in a “used to be able to ...” moment? I’ll turn into one of those irritating old farts in the pub that when they hear you run, come out with such gems as “... in my youth, I used to run a 3 minute mile, but they wouldn’t give me the record because I only wore my school daps ...” or “I won all the cross country runs around here when I was a lad. We didn’t have trophies in those days though. They paid me in potatoes. That’s why I can’t show you any of them.”

Plus, this is the first session of the new schedule that Marathon Coach Steve has given me. What if my marathon time was a fluke and now that the pressure is off I can’t do it anymore? I’ll be a disappointment. A waste of time. Well ... that’s how I’ll feel, anyway.   

Every time I got thwarted in my attempt at the session, it grew bigger and scarier still.

1st attempt at Draycote turned into me into a panting, sweaty mess and after 2 intervals I realised I wasn’t going to be able to do it then. So this turned into a gentle run around the reservoir eating gnats instead.
2nd attempt was on the treadmill late at night. One interval later I was a panting, sweaty mess and the lure of the bed was too strong. After a shower, of course.
3rd attempt yesterday at the gym ended in me looking at my socks wondering where my trainers were.
4th attempt – session completed. It was actually not even a particularly tough session ... even after all of the build up.

When I started the session, the first interval was the very worst. It was very obvious that my head was getting involved and was telling my legs I couldn’t do it. (Pesky talking body parts) That I’d already tried this session 3 times, that it was The Impossible Session. Despite the fact that I’ve run similar sessions before. Despite the fact that I’ve run this pace last week in the gym. After the first interval, my legs pretty much went “Meh ... Is this all it is? No problem” And the rest of the session flew past.

So that was that. Also it means that the first session of my new training plan has been completed! I’m back into it! A goal!! No more drifting aimlessly and being able to laze on the sofa and taking rest days as and when. No more laziness and being able to do washing 3 times a week instead of every day. No more having radiators free of damp and steaming running gear. Back to showers 3 times a day and wet towels. Back to stuffing newspaper into damp trainers and blistered toes and manky toenails.

You know what? I’m REALLY looking forward to it.

5 x 4 mins at 10k pace (15kmh or 6:26 min miles)
5 x 2 mins at  5k pace (15.3kmh or 6:19 min miles)
Rest intervals of 1 min walking at 6kmh

48:03 total including warm up and cool downs
9.33km total including warm up and cool downs

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